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Down, N Ireland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  Abt 1806Down, N Ireland I6454
2 Bailie, Catherine  Abt 1840Down, N Ireland I7150
3 Bailie, Eliza Mary  Abt 1834Down, N Ireland I7148
4 Bailie, James  Abt 1841Down, N Ireland I7151
5 Bailie, Jane  Abt 1832Down, N Ireland I7147
6 Bailie, John  Abt 1836Down, N Ireland I7149
7 Bailie, Margaret  Abt 1838Down, N Ireland I6926
8 Bailie, Mary  Abt 1800Down, N Ireland I5515
9 Bailie, Sarah Jane  Abt 1862Down, N Ireland I7227
10 Baird, Eliza Jane  Abt 1846Down, N Ireland I5512
11 Bassett, Sarah Eliza  8 Jul 1859Down, N Ireland I1037
12 Boyd, Margaret  Abt 1837Down, N Ireland I1009
13 Boyle, James  7 Sep 1850Down, N Ireland I6289
14 Calvert, Margaret  Abt 1829Down, N Ireland I6865
15 Calvert, William  Abt 1826Down, N Ireland I6864
16 Carse, Joseph  21 Dec 1808Down, N Ireland I2707
17 Chambers, Francis  23 Mar 1771Down, N Ireland I4946
18 Christian, Jane  Abt 1815Down, N IReland I6194
19 Clarke, Hans Jr  1862Down, N Ireland I6416
20 Cleland, Blanche  Abt 1853Down, N Ireland I5806
21 Cleland, Catherine  1840Down, N Ireland I5810
22 Cleland, George  1843Down, N Ireland I5811
23 Cleland, Grace Ann  8 Oct 1833Down, N Ireland I5328
24 Cleland, John  1834Down, N Ireland I5809
25 Cleland, John Cochrane Browne  Abt 1864Down, N Ireland I5815
26 Cleland, Mary  1850Down, N Ireland I5812
27 Cleland, Samuel  26 Mar 1814Down, N Ireland I3413
28 Cleland, Thomas  1838Down, N Ireland I5813
29 Coulter, Anne Jane  1843Down, N Ireland I5836
30 Craig, Mary  27 Oct 1813Down, N Ireland I6701
31 Cusack, Thomas John  Abt 1857Down, N Ireland I7322
32 Davidson, John Robert  Abt 1835Down, N Ireland I6711
33 Davidson, Martha  Abt 1851Down, N Ireland I6915
34 Davidson, Mary Anna  Abt 1863Down, N Ireland I6916
35 Davidson, Mary Ethel  30 Nov 1868Down, N Ireland I6827
36 Davidson, William  1859Down, N Ireland I6909
37 Dempster, William Edward  Abt 1841Down, N Ireland I5845
38 Duff, Mary Jane  Abt 1817Down, N Ireland I6805
39 Farrell, James  19 Jun 1845Down, N Ireland I2234
40 Ferguson, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Down, N Ireland I7224
41 Frew, Anne Orr McKelvey  5 Feb 1856Down, N Ireland I6068
42 Frew, Margaret  20 Jul 1853Down, N Ireland I6070
43 Geddis, Hamilton  Abt 1819Down, N Ireland I6082
44 Geddis, Margaret  18 Aug 1853Down, N Ireland I6703
45 Geddis, Mary Anne  14 Apr 1851Down, N Ireland I6702
46 Geddis, Robert  15 Aug 1855Down, N Ireland I6704
47 Geddis, William John  1850Down, N Ireland I6705
48 Gourley, James  Abt 1757Down, N Ireland I7477
49 Gourley, James  13 Oct 1833Down, N Ireland I7485
50 Gourley, Jane Hay  Abt 1830Down, N Ireland I7483

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  22 Apr 2010Down, N Ireland I7285
2 Ashworth, Blanche  22 Jun 1958Down, N Ireland I1583
3 Ballentine, Jane  21 Jan 1854Down, N Ireland I6806
4 Bateman, Mary  11 Oct 1953Down, N Ireland I5428
5 Boyd, Samuel William  28 Jun 1975Down, N Ireland I2369
6 Chambers, Beryl Mary  11 Apr 1977Down, N Ireland I4989
7 Chambers, Iris Kathleen  25 Apr 1993Down, N Ireland I4990
8 Chambers, James Lowry  5 Feb 1935Down, N Ireland I4970
9 Christie, Margaret  6 Aug 1873Down, N Ireland I6382
10 Clarke, John  28 May 1866Down, N Ireland I6418
11 Cleland, Thomas Moorhead  13 Oct 1986Down, N IReland I7369
12 Close, Eliza  Aft 1911Down, N Ireland I3395
13 Connolly, Agnes Jane  5 Dec 1924Down, N Ireland I6087
14 Doagh, Ellen  Abt 1860Down, N Ireland I5956
15 Garner, Matilda Harriet  1 May 1879Down, N Ireland I5212
16 Graham, John  1899Down, N Ireland I6205
17 Hanna, Lizzie Ann  4 May 1967Down, N Ireland I6636
18 Hanna, Robert  4 Apr 1965Down, N Ireland I6637
19 Hay, Jane  2 Mar 1843Down, N Ireland I7478
20 Henry, Anna  6 Sep 1947Down, N Ireland I5564
21 Henry, John  12 Jan 1835Down, N Ireland I7028
22 Holland, Elizabeth Martin  Jan 1997Down, N Ireland I6523
23 Hughes, Charles Edward  10 Sep 1907Down, N Ireland I4375
24 Kennedy, Mary  Abt 1820Down, N Ireland I1926
25 Lindsay, Martha  14 Nov 1949Down, N Ireland I6901
26 Lindsay, Mary Alice  7 Nov 1934Down, N Ireland I6903
27 Lowry, Elizabeth  12 Nov 1928Down, N Ireland I6413
28 Lowry, Hamilton  16 Apr 1812Down, N Ireland I7431
29 Lowry, John  19 Sep 1896Down, N Ireland I6744
30 Lowry, Mary  14 Feb 1847Down, N Ireland I6475
31 Lowry, Mary Elizabeth  18 Feb 1926Down, N Ireland I6738
32 Lowry, Sarah  25 Jul 1836Down, N Ireland I7439
33 McClenaghan, David  28 Nov 1911Down, N Ireland I5984
34 McCreery, Hugh  16 Feb 1798Down, N Ireland I1647
35 McCreery, Sarah  23 Feb 1838Down, N Ireland I6114
36 McCully, Jane  20 Nov 1836Down, N Ireland I7030
37 McMechan, Eleanor Frances  24 Apr 1982Down, N Ireland I5289
38 McMechan, Emma Torney  30 Sep 1978Down, N Ireland I5287
39 McMechan, John Torney  27 Mar 1978Down, N Ireland I5290
40 McMechan, Kathleen Warlock  8 Apr 1945Down, N Ireland I5268
41 McMechan, Mary Lacelles  19 Feb 1981Down, N Ireland I5288
42 McMeekan, Edith Margaret  29 Oct 2011Down, N Ireland I5001
43 Mitchell, Minnie  25 Apr 1960Down, N Ireland I980
44 Mitchell, William  17 Feb 1955Down, N Ireland I6919
45 Moore, John Stewart  1 Apr 1940Down, N Ireland I5404
46 Moorhead, Margaret Florence  9 Sep 2008Down, N Ireland I7286
47 Moorhead, Mary Jane McCann  4 Jan 1959Down, N Ireland I5364
48 Moorhead, Robert Perry  20 Oct 2000Down, N Ireland I7278
49 Moorhead, Susanna  22 Jun 1825Down, N Ireland I2332
50 Moorhead, William Patterson  28 Jun 1983Down, N Ireland I7271

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Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cleland / Gourley  10 Apr 1840Down, N Ireland F1878
2 Geddis / Craig  4 Dec 1848Down, N Ireland F2140
3 HIll / Morrison  26 May 1833Down, N Ireland F1932
4 Hyland / Morrow  19 Sep 1969Down, N Ireland F2098
5 Lowry / Orr  1780Down, N Ireland F1663
6 McAuley / Morrow  19 Sep 1969Down, N Ireland F2097
7 Morrow / Holland  9 Oct 1940Down, N Ireland F2095
8 Morrow / Kirkpatrick  7 Sep 1938Down, N Ireland F1100

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